Matter and Form THREE

Matter and Form THREE is a capable, flexible 3D scanning solution, ready for any job. With no restrictions on object color or size, THREE is a tool you can rely on, whether you need to 3D scan tiny details like on the surface of a coin, or you need to 3D scan a car engine. With integrated software, 13 MP Sony optical sensors, and a cutting-edge DLP MEMS mirror projector, THREE gives you a simple yet effective 3D scanning experience and metrology-level accuracy and resolution.


There is nothing else like THREE™
With an astonishing range of capabilities and features that do not exist in any other 3D scanner, THREE will be an essential part of your workflow.
Scan anything, from a real car engine to a toy car miniature. THREE's flexible system means you only need one device for a wide range of projects.
THREE's unique ChromaSpec™ technology uses the full spectrum of visible light to perfectly capture geometry from objects of any color.
THREE is the world's first 3D scanner with fully onboard software that runs in any modern web browser and on any operating system. Use THREE with the computer, tablet or iPad that you already own.
THREE has a full API for programmers, with ready-to-go open source projects, and is the only 3D scanner with a built-in vision development runtime.

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